Photographer Roland Aalto - thats me

Roland Aalto Vild Bild - Photographer

Thank you for being a part of my photographic odyssey. Let’s continue to marvel at the wonders of our world, one click at a time.

A Lifelong Journey Through the Lens

Greetings, I’m Roland, a passionate photographer with over four decades of experience capturing the beauty of our world. My photographic journey has taken me from music and dance to the serene landscapes, nature, and wildlife that grace our planet.

Beyond the lens, I’m deeply committed to preserving our natural heritage. I believe that photography is a powerful medium to inspire change and cultivate a deeper appreciation for our fragile ecosystems

Exploring from Sweden to France: I’m based in the Stockholm archipelago, Sweden, where nature’s beauty is at my doorstep. When I’m not immersed in the Swedish wilderness, I spend half the year in the enchanting Dordogne Valley, France, during autumn and spring.

The Marco Polo Adventurer: On my nature and wildlife expeditions, my trusty Mercedes Marco Polo campervan is my constant companion, offering comfort and mobility to explore diverse landscapes and ecosystems.

OM System Excellence: My camera gear of choice is the superb OM System, and I have a special fondness for the 150-400mm pro lens. These tools allow me to capture the world’s most captivating moments with precision and clarity.

An Ongoing Visual Journey: Join me in celebrating the art of storytelling through photography. Explore my portfolio and experience the magic of our planet, from its serene landscapes to the fascinating world of wildlife.


From the 1980´s Analogue era...

Vild Bild - David Bowie

Modern Dance during the 1990´s