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Vild Bild - Wild Life Photography

Our name, "Vild Bild," translates to "Wild Image" in Swedish, embodying the essence of our craft - untamed and vivid.

Hi, my name is Roland Aalto a Swedish Wild Life photographer, i have been documenting nature, wildlife and landscape for more than thirty years. I also worked as a commissioned photographer for various newspapers over the years.

I live in the Stockholm archipelago when I am not traveling around the world. More about me here.

These photograps will probably not do their justice on a mobile phone. For the best experience, please enjoy this website on a desktop display – 1280×720 through 1920×1080. 

NEWS - Exhibition 2023

NEWS! Photo Exhibition 2023 coming up

Vild Bild – Capturing the Stockholm Archipelago’s Wild Heart

Welcome to my exhibition Vild Bild, a captivating exhibition that immerses you in the untamed beauty of the Stockholm Archipelago. Through 10-15 carefully chosen images, we unveil the secrets of this pristine realm, where nature thrives in all its majesty.

Explore the lives of some of its iconic inhabitants – the regal Golden Eagle, the graceful Osprey, the elusive Great Grey Owl, and the elegant Fallow Deer. Each photograph is a story, a moment frozen in time, showcasing the archipelago’s vibrant wildlife and unspoiled landscapes.
Vild Bild is not just about visual delight; it’s a call to preserve and protect these fragile ecosystems. Join us on this journey to connect with nature’s wonders and inspire a deeper appreciation for the wild.

Thank you for embarking on this adventure with us. Let’s celebrate the Vild Bild of the Stockholm Archipelago’s untamed soul.

Vild Bild Exhibition Poster 2023 - Roland Aalto


My Equipment

Vild Bild - We use the OM System

Recently moved to OM Systems and the OM-1 comes with a new sensor with a completely new design. And well, as we all know, resolution isn’t everything!

Vild Bild - Hiding - Deer is close